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Monday, August 2, 2010

5 Nice Places to Visit in Puerto Rico

There are a lot of places to visit in Puerto Rico on your trip. Most people concentrate on the main attractions on the metropolitan area of the island, here we feature 5 nice places to visit out of the way, they are worth the driving and the experience, enjoy.

Las Cuevas de Camuy National Park

This national Park features on of the largest cave systems in the world. visitors will walk into parts of the caves and explore a small part of the system. The surrounding areas feature some nature settings that make for very good views.

La Parguera, Bioluminescence Bay

Another very unique place to visit on the island. this bay has micro organisms on the water that when disturbed they "light up" and produce a beautiful display on the water. this phenomenon happens on various places around the world, but in Puerto Rico is the only place that is guaranteed for it to happen every night.

Arecibo radar observatory

In the north par of Puerto Rico you can visit the famous radio telescope, the largest of this kind of the world. Its large receptor plate it's larger than 12 football fields, used to spot signals from planets and in the SETI research for extraterestrial life. Inside the Observatory there are science related exibitions of different subjects to watch.

Mayaguez Zoo

Mayaguez is home to the only public zoo in the island. The zoo 2 main animal selections are the African Forest and the African Savannah. Also it features a Beautiful bird sanctuary.

Ponce Art Museum

The Ponce Art Museum has the largest art collection of the Caribbean between pictures and sculptures. Its collection have many European works such as works by Velasquez, Rubens and Rodin, and others.

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How to Book the Perfect Wedding Hotel

Planning a wedding should be fun and while important events are bound to be a little stressful at times, make a list and make sure that the venue is the first thing that's ticked off. There are a lot of options when it comes to picking a type of wedding venue, with everything from hotels, village halls and marquees, to beaches, forests, golf clubs and stately homes, so it's important to choose the one that fits your estimated number of guests, your budget and your style and personality.

Getting married in the middle of a forest might well be a cheap option but if you're not the countrified type you'll likely feel uncomfortable and so will your guests, so instead think about saving up for a more appropriate venue or do a little bit of out of the box thinking. A village hall or British Legion can be transformed into a seriously special venue with a bit of creativity and lots of hands on deck so if you don't want to have a long engagement to save but you do want the best, rope in some friends and family and get thinking, it's amazing what some bunting can do!

But if it's a wedding hotel in London that you're after and that's what you've really set your mind on having, search for luxury family hotels and wedding hotels in your chosen location and you can then start seeing what each has to offer. Make a list of everything you want and need from a venue; estimated number of guests, sit down or buffet meal, location, number of bedrooms, the surrounding and outside areas, whether they offer civil ceremonies or if it's near to the church you're getting married in and of course, the style of the hotel and whether it suits your tastes. Once you've got a clear picture in your head, go and visit a few hotels, ask to see a couple of bedrooms, the main function rooms and the grounds and then you can get a grasp of their rates and what food and wine they can offer.

Many hotels, even luxurious hotels, offer discounted midweek rates for weddings and while it does mean that your friends and family will probably need to take time off work, it can be a great way to be able to have a bigger wedding than you first thought possible. If there are going to be children at your wedding, it's important to ensure that the hotel you're looking at is child-friendly and caters for children when it comes to bedrooms, meal times and so on.

Compare luxury family hotels across the UK and find the right one for you and your wedding. Pick from a wedding hotel in London to a luxury boutique hotel in the countryside depending on your tastes and budget.

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Things to Know When Booking Cheap Hotels

If you want to travel but are having budget constraints, low priced accommodations can help stretch your budget for other travel purposes. It is better to say low-priced or inexpensive hotel than "cheap" as these hotels can also be the best accommodation that you could have.

In order to maximize and get the best out of your travel, do not spend too much time in the hotel room and explore places. This doesn't have to mean though that you can just settle for any less because you'll just have your room for sleeping.

If you are wondering where and how you may find a good low-priced accommodations, the answer is simple the Internet. Here, you will find a number of budget hotels however you may find it hard to find a listing.

Small family run hotels are some of the interesting hotels that you might want to check out for accommodation. These places may not look extraordinary but may be very nice inside. You can request the attendants for you to view the room so you will determine if you will be able to last in the room for 24-48 hours or until you plan to stay there. This type of accommodation is best if you have a busy itinerary and just plan on showering and sleeping on your room.

There are cases that you might have to climb the stairs and bring your bags to the room in these small hotels though some have their own elevators. Some of these small run places with no elevators and receptionists are rated two stars are not cheap hotels but travel bargains.

As a travel bargain, you really cannot expect a lot of amenities in this places. The common things you will expect at travel bargains are simple beds and mismatched chairs. You may find that the room will have a small closet with low lighting and a small TV but no phone. The small closet that you will expect may either be free standing, or just an old armoire.

Fixed facilities with showers and toilets are common to have in the room. If you are travelling in the States, this is the usual layout in cheap hotels but in Europe or in other continents, the facilities may be fitted in one corner of the room. Do ensure that you ask if your room will have these facilities because there are still some cheap hotels that have a common shower and toilet down the hall.

You must know what you really want and need in a room. Do remember that when you go for travel bargain packages as there different things that you can expect. If you know what you want, you can have a basis of the minimum things you can settle for.

Stop by for a minute to get more travel tips and reviews about cheap vacation spots including how to discover four cheap vacation spots in US.

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What You Need to Know About Hotels

Have you traveled all over the World and stayed in the best hotels? Or have you just gone to a relatives house and visited them only to find that there is absolutely no space in their house because your family is so big? Either way, you know hotel stays can be extremely pleasant, or just really annoying. Either you feel like you are born again, and you are finally living in a place where you do not have to take care of anything or you feel gross and you just want to go home because your trip has been so long and you just want that comfortable couch again.

Regardless of how you feel in a hotel, you must make sure that everything is at the standard it is supposed to be at. One thing you need to check when you go to hotels is the cleanliness of the place. Yes, the sheets look white, but are they actually clean? A lot of hotels do not change sheets and do not wash towels. It is really important that you make sure that all of these things are done at the hotel you will be staying in. You must always check reviews and ask the hotel managers if they do clean everything. I know, it seems ridiculous but, you have to go this far to make sure you are safe.

For example, if you are going to a place like Dallas, you must make sure that all the service is excellent because it is such a populated city. Glasses must be washed, plates must be washed and sheets and pillow cases must be washed. If you can, you should also stay in while the room service is cleaning your room so you can make sure that they are changing a the sheets and pillow cases and towels. Also, check the bathrooms to see if there is any mold or mildew as these can be extremely detrimental to you and your family's health.

Try not to worry too much though. Hotels, especially Dallas hotels, are meant for relaxation. You should just enjoy the big views and big buildings and big skies. If you are staying in a Dallas hotel, you should relax, and enjoy the free of stress stay. Hotel beds are the best, because they are soft and spacious, and you never have to make them in the morning. Hotels are really a treat because you can just get ready go downstairs and eat an already prepared breakfast. So, yes, make sure that everything at the hotel you are going to go to is clean, but also relax a little and live a little. It is not often that you get to forget your obligations.

There is a certain way to get the best hotels and you just need to know where to look. Hotels are tricky, because you do not want to end up in a place like a motel and you also do not want to pay crazy amounts for quality service. There are many hotels that find just the right balance of those two things, and there are also many places you can look to find such hotels. If you want to know more about hotels and if you want to find some great and cheap places for you to stay, there are lots of websites that you can check it. If you go look at reviews, I am sure that you will find something that is right for you.

If you want to know more about hotels, click here. You can also find out about Dallas Hotels.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Donald_E._Jones

Let's traveling In Asia to change your life

All the places that I have travelled have had an impact me and all travelling has been a learning to me.How About you?So let's traveled to change your life.
The one country that changed me most is Malaysia. It became the land of my love. I fell in love with a Malaysian and married him and I started to live in Malaysia though I never wanted to settle anywhere other than India. I thought I only wanted to be in India and serve India and work for the growth of India. Only when I was outside India I understood how big the world is and that everyone is God's children.
This gave me the experience that we need to travel and learn a lot more. Nice and not nice things exist everywhere.So what are you waiting now? let's traveled to changed your life.
I travelled alone to help the victims of the Yogyakarta earth quake. I travelled alone in my own country to help the victims of Tsunami. I didnt feel much difference between the people in either country.
The biggest impact that I have felt thru my travel is that I have started to look forward for a one world where sharing and caring for people in need and showing love is not limited by borders.