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Monday, August 2, 2010

Let's traveling In Asia to change your life

All the places that I have travelled have had an impact me and all travelling has been a learning to me.How About you?So let's traveled to change your life.
The one country that changed me most is Malaysia. It became the land of my love. I fell in love with a Malaysian and married him and I started to live in Malaysia though I never wanted to settle anywhere other than India. I thought I only wanted to be in India and serve India and work for the growth of India. Only when I was outside India I understood how big the world is and that everyone is God's children.
This gave me the experience that we need to travel and learn a lot more. Nice and not nice things exist everywhere.So what are you waiting now? let's traveled to changed your life.
I travelled alone to help the victims of the Yogyakarta earth quake. I travelled alone in my own country to help the victims of Tsunami. I didnt feel much difference between the people in either country.
The biggest impact that I have felt thru my travel is that I have started to look forward for a one world where sharing and caring for people in need and showing love is not limited by borders.

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