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Monday, August 2, 2010

How to Book the Perfect Wedding Hotel

Planning a wedding should be fun and while important events are bound to be a little stressful at times, make a list and make sure that the venue is the first thing that's ticked off. There are a lot of options when it comes to picking a type of wedding venue, with everything from hotels, village halls and marquees, to beaches, forests, golf clubs and stately homes, so it's important to choose the one that fits your estimated number of guests, your budget and your style and personality.

Getting married in the middle of a forest might well be a cheap option but if you're not the countrified type you'll likely feel uncomfortable and so will your guests, so instead think about saving up for a more appropriate venue or do a little bit of out of the box thinking. A village hall or British Legion can be transformed into a seriously special venue with a bit of creativity and lots of hands on deck so if you don't want to have a long engagement to save but you do want the best, rope in some friends and family and get thinking, it's amazing what some bunting can do!

But if it's a wedding hotel in London that you're after and that's what you've really set your mind on having, search for luxury family hotels and wedding hotels in your chosen location and you can then start seeing what each has to offer. Make a list of everything you want and need from a venue; estimated number of guests, sit down or buffet meal, location, number of bedrooms, the surrounding and outside areas, whether they offer civil ceremonies or if it's near to the church you're getting married in and of course, the style of the hotel and whether it suits your tastes. Once you've got a clear picture in your head, go and visit a few hotels, ask to see a couple of bedrooms, the main function rooms and the grounds and then you can get a grasp of their rates and what food and wine they can offer.

Many hotels, even luxurious hotels, offer discounted midweek rates for weddings and while it does mean that your friends and family will probably need to take time off work, it can be a great way to be able to have a bigger wedding than you first thought possible. If there are going to be children at your wedding, it's important to ensure that the hotel you're looking at is child-friendly and caters for children when it comes to bedrooms, meal times and so on.

Compare luxury family hotels across the UK and find the right one for you and your wedding. Pick from a wedding hotel in London to a luxury boutique hotel in the countryside depending on your tastes and budget.

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